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York Pride


Consulting & Development


Bubble, Twinkly, Airtable

Built on bubble, this internal tool was created to manage all aspects of the on-site parade. The organizer was able to track the time of every step.

The process of organizing and managing a parade involves ensuring that all contingents participating in the parade are on schedule and arrive at the designated locations at the right times. To facilitate this, a check-in and dispatch system is implemented, which involves tracking the status and times of all contingents throughout the parade route.

The check-in process allows each contingent to check-in.

Once the contingents have checked in, the dispatch system comes into play. It involves efficiently coordinating the movement of the contingents based on their scheduled times and positions. Parade officials or coordinators can use an app or a centralized system to access real-time information about the contingents' status and locations.

The app acts as a communication tool, providing constant updates on the progress of each contingent, any delays, or any changes in the parade schedule. It ensures that the parade organizers are well-informed and can make necessary adjustments to keep the parade on schedule.

By having real-time information at their fingertips, parade organizers can make informed decisions on contingents' placement and adjust their positions if necessary. Ensuring smooth coordination and adherence to the parade schedule.

Overall, the check-in and dispatch system, coupled with the real-time information provided by the app, plays a vital role in managing and maintaining the organization and schedule of a parade. It helps parade organizers ensure that all contingents are accounted for and enables them to make timely decisions to keep the parade running smoothly and on time.

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