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Professional Summary

Technologist and event logistics specialist focused on technology integration and efficiency. 15+ years of experience delivering unique event experiences, as well as 5+ years developing software with a range of eCommerce and technological capabilities. The use of No-code approaches, backend and frontend development, and the creation of eCommerce websites that interface with Paypal, Stripe, and other payment APIs are all strengths.



 Event Logistics    No-Code Tools     Web Application Development    Integrations    Process Automation    CAD Drawing    Websites 

   LED Pixel Lighting    Customer Service    Web Domains    Email Setup 

Work Experience

Technologist - 12Code Technologies

I get to be innovative and help clients update websites, make integrations, develop web applications, organize data and more. Overall get to make them more efficient and bring technology to use in many different ways.

Developer - Mapscaper

Using bubble extensively integrating with plugins & api's. I designed & built Mapscaper enabling event organizers to plan, map and manage their events, outdoor venues and properties using google maps while tracking staff, scheduling,  equipment lists and more though a responsive interface.

Logistics & Technology Manager - X Events

From managing a warehouse with a rental inventory system of thousands of products to creating unimaginable experiences at a music festival. I got to be creative everyday creating events, custom fabrications and LED light art installations with millions of colors. 

Technical Director - Ripticket

Lead the implementation of ticketing and guest management software for use with client events and worked with clients remotely & on site to manage their events and ticketing operations on the platform both pre and post event date.


I am a very creative and self-motivated individual with a strong interest in hospitality and tech in general. As an autodidact, I approach all elements of my life with a positive and ego-free attitude, and I bring a strong work ethic with me everywhere I go.

I'm fascinated by all things with big systems. From video games where I can manage resources, a colony or airport to watching documentaries on how cruise ships or logistics terminals function. I love seeing the world though new perspectives  some of the topics that interest me are superyachts, big farming, giant factories, construction and of course tech! 

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