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Product Design & Development


Bubble, Sendgrid, Google Maps, Stripe, Mixpanel, Adalo

Built on Bubble, host an online event with CEON. This was created at the beginning of the pandemic for clients to host their events & vendors digitally.

CEON is a cutting-edge platform that leverages the power of Bubble to provide a versatile and dynamic experience for users. Built on Bubble's robust backend infrastructure, CEON offers a comprehensive backend event editor that allows organizers to easily create, manage, and customize virtual booths for various purposes.

One of the standout features of CEON is its support for multiple user permissions. This means that event organizers can assign different levels of access and control to different users, ensuring that each individual has the appropriate privileges to carry out their tasks effectively. This feature is particularly useful for large-scale events with multiple team members or exhibitors who need varying levels of control over their booths.

In addition to user permissions, CEON provides various interactive features that enhance user engagement. The platform includes polling and quiz functionalities, allowing booth owners to interact with visitors by conducting live polls or quizzes, fostering a more immersive and participatory experience. These interactive elements can help increase attendee engagement and make the virtual event more enjoyable and memorable.

CEON also offers a range of embed options, enabling booth owners to customize their booths further. Users can embed different types of content, such as videos, images, documents, and interactive elements, within their booths. This flexibility allows for creative customization, enabling booth owners to showcase their products, services, or any other relevant information in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

Overall, CEON stands out as a comprehensive virtual event platform that combines the power of Bubble's backend with a range of features specifically designed to enhance user engagement and customization. By offering a backend event editor, multiple user permissions, polling, quizzes, and various embed options, CEON empowers event organizers to create truly immersive and interactive virtual booths that cater to the specific needs and goals of their events.

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